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Most us were Christened (Baptised) when we were very young and most of us are unable to remember it.  At the time, our parents and godparents made promises on our behalf, but what has happened to them?

In the Church of England infant baptisms are intended to begin a journey of faith.  Parents promise to bring the child up in the faith, teaching them to pray and to learn about God, but most of us fall by the wayside!

Confirmation is a stage in the journey when a person says, in effect, ‘I want to be a Christian’. He or she decides to make the same Baptism promises for his or herself.  To be a Christian is to be a follower of Jesus and that has massive implications for the way we lead our lives.

Confirmation is a way of dedicating our life to God.  This was done vicariously at the Christening service, but in the Confirmation Service, the candidate makes the same promises for his or herself. When you do this your relationship with God becomes yours, rather than something passed on by your parents.

Candidates recently confirmed at St Saviours with Bishop TobyWe book Confirmation services as and when required, and they are always in the presence of a Bishop.  Candidates are always prepared for Confirmation by attending some kind of course that helps you to think about your faith.  And most of us find such courses to be a joyful experience when new friendships are made, and our relationship with God becomes really special.

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